Monday, December 8, 2014

Cleavage at Work? Its it O.K.?

Women do seem to be showing their cleavage more than ever, don't you think? Why is that? 
Elisabeth Squires, author of "Boobs: A Guide to Your Girls, says "American women's breasts are getting bigger while shirts are getting smaller. We are seeing more cleavage these days for a few reasons. First, fashions are tight and skinny. At the same time, women are bigger than they were even 15 years ago. Bra fitters tell me that an E cup is the new C cup," Squires said on "Good Morning America."
What is appropriate?  We do know that what looks good for a night out on the town is probably not appropriate in the workplace. The truth of the matter is that cleavage should never make an appearance in the office. Period. In fact, in most corporate offices, the rule of thumb is a that a woman's shirt or dress should land two inches above the cleavage. In other words, your "cleavage line" shouldn't be all. 
Do you agree?

Friday, December 5, 2014

Hose or No Hose? Are Tights O.K.? What Do YOU Think?

Most folks that we've asked say NO to panty hose. Regardless of their age, profession or the occasion they're dressing for, panty hose are out of the question for most women.  Bare legs and "sunless tanner" seems to be the popular choice.  Everyone does agree that panty hose are absolutely forbidden when wearing open toed shoes! 

Of course, there is an argument to be made for surviving the cold Winter months.... especially in Michigan.  That's what tights for. They're the perfect accessory and provide color, texture AND warmth! They’re super cute and trendy, too!

The true fashionistas that we've talked with would NEVER wear nude color hose, but do make an exception for black. They wear bronzer on bare legs. They wear tights, lace tights, textured tights, printed tights...They love them all.  

What do you think? We'd LOVE to know!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Shades of Gray in Dressing Business Casual

There are, of course, shades of grey to Business Casual. Each industry has their own "norm", too.  

Ad agencies are typically more hip and trendy. 

The automotive industry is all about casual dressing. GM's updated dress code simply encourages employees to dress "appropriately". Ford's "relaxed business casual" policy states that employees must use good judgement and dress appropriately for the business environment and work requirements. That means that "business appropriate jeans" are allowed except when meeting with external contacts, dealers, suppliers and potential employees. The next question is what jeans are appropriate? At Ford, they must be hemmed, not frayed, faded, worn, torn or stained. No studs, decorative stitching, bling or rhinestones.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Dressing For Success * A Piece at a Time

A blazer or jacket is a key piece to any business wardrobe. A nice quality jacket is worth it's investment because of it's incredible versatility. Wear it over a dress or with jeans. Perfect over a maxi dress or with a long skirt. It's a must-have or staple in any professional's wardrobe.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Let's Talk About Shoes

One suggested footwear item for the working woman includes a pair of nude shoes. Nude means that it matches your skin tone, so shop around for the correct color. If it matches your skin tone, it elongates your legs....and because they're just an extension of you, you don’t have to worry about matching your shoes with your clothes. Nude goes with everything.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Another Important Business Casual Tip is to Keep it Classic

Ultra-trendy is fun and has a place in every wardrobe
but in the world of business casual,
timeless classic pieces are usually best. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Nice Pair of Jeans is a MUST

A nice pair of dressy jeans is a staple item for that professional's wardrobe. They've got to be in a dark rinse or black. They are so appropriate for those casual situations like networking sessions, trainings or conferences. Pair them with a classic blazer or jacket. Finish it off with boots, ballet flats or simple pumps and you're ready for any situation.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Neutral is a Good Place to Start - Keepin' it Business Casual!

Neutral doesn't mean all tan, either. B
lack, gray, brown, navy, ivory, khaki and taupe are all good neutral choices. Mix and Match! Then you can easily add color with you accessories -- a great scarf, headband or belt can make a statement and show your personality.....and still be professional!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Closet Staple for the Professional Woman is a Dress

But, you don't need to be boring! A sheath dress, though popular and appropriate, is not your only option.  You could opt for something more interesting under a blazer or cardi -- to show a little bit of your own personality.  There are a couple of things to remember when choosing your dress, though. Don't show any cleavage; make sure it's not too short; and choose a pattern and color that's not too "wild".  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Business Casual Continued

You're getting ready to refinance your home. You've got an appointment scheduled at the bank. There are two lending specialists available. One is wearing flip flops, a t-shirt and casual pants. The other is wearing a simple skirt, blouse and pumps.
Which one seems more professional? Like it or not, in the business world, image does matter. How you dress or what you wear makes a difference. It's one of the first things your boss, co-workers and clients notice. What you wear says something about you - so you DO want to make sure you're saying the right things!
Our first tip is to keep it covered. No matter what your personal style, business casual never means "business sexy."  Skirts of an appropriate length (not mini skirts), full length pants and higher necklines are safe bets and in today's business world, dressy capris are also acceptable.